Unfortunately due to a number of last minute cancellations and no-shows, which affect my business I have decided to highlight and set up some terms and conditions:


Choose your booking time wisely. Please make sure the booking time you chose won’t impact your busy timetable. I don’t have a lot of flexibility to rearrange your appointment. I will ask you for a deposit (price depending on what treatment you have booked) this is required via bank transfer + on the day you book in. 

If you need to cancel or rearrange, please give me at least 48hrs notice ( must be  48 hours before the time of your appointment.) I will try my best to change your booking time. I accept cancellations given personally in my studio or via text message on 07701308304. 

If you fail to attend or give 48hrs notice, I will still try my best to re-book your appointment, but please remember I am usually fully-booked and I reserve the right to retain in full your deposit to recover my costs. Anyone who cancels last-minute, more than 3 times will not be re-booked. 

Retain full deposit, why so harsh?


When you make a booking for a time, you’re making a commitment. Likewise, I’m also making a commitment to be ready. I make sure my studio is ready for you and prepare resources and consumables. I also reject other customers from your reserved time slot.

I don’t enjoy retaining fees, due to no-shows or last minute cancellations. Without a doubt I would very much prefer to give my clients the full value of their booked treatments, and deliver a result! 

Look out for confirmation, it is courtesy only but I will try my best to message you a reminder of your booking time the day before. However if you do not receive one, please attend your appointment or contact me just to double-check. 

I promise to provide you a high standard of service & to work hard for your 100% satisfaction.


A NON REFUNDABLE deposit is required when you book to secure each appointment. Please message me when this has been paid so I can secure your appointment. If the deposit has not been sent within 24hours your booking will automatically be cancelled. 


  • If you are late to your appointment, I may have to reschedule you. Please arrive in good time.

  • Payment is required before you leave. (Cash or bank transfer only please)

  • For any more information, FAQ's or prices, please text me on 07701308304 xxxx



I'm directly above John Nicholas hair and opposite Soulville Steakhouse. However, my entrance is on Beetwell Street. There is a multi-storey car park (Vicar Lane) right next to the studio and roadside parking just across from my studio. (Please note Vicar Lane car park closes around 6pm most nights)